Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moab, Again!

We are heading to Moab this weekend for a 5 mile run! It is one of our favorite runs. I have been training and I feel I am ready. Mike on the other hand, no running at all. He will still run me into the ground!
We have got the big 30th wedding anniversay trip planned. We are going to Alaska on Jul 30 for 8 days. We are so excited. We will fish some, hike some and sight see. All of our lodging is at B&B's. I am really looking forward to that. One B&B in Homer is at the Bear Creek Winery. We visited there with my mom and dad. We said next time e go to Alaska we will stay the night. Well Mike made it happen.
I cannot beleive it will be 30 years! I have loved every minute of it! it has been an adventure for sure. It has been a real commitment, but one we were willing to make. Mike has been my lover, best friend and lifesaver. It is strange too look back at the years, I cannot beleive I have not aged a bit ;) I feel sorry for all of my now middle age and older friends and family!
I am excited for spring, I love to work in my yard. It is so beautiful, it is a work in progress.
My lunch is over so back to the grind!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! 30 years is quite an accomplishment. One of my favorite pics of when I was little is of me and Mike on your wedding day. Have a great trip to Moab. Good luck on your run! Love you guys!

  2. Happy 30th year! Thats awesome! Hope you have a great time in Moab.