Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Strange Year!

This has been a very strange year, I am inching ever closer to the big 50 and, with Mike’s help, I found out I might be showing signs of OCD! When Mike first mentioned the OCD thing I looked at him with the deer in the headlights look, Over Crowded Department store!!!! What is he talking about? Well it must have been that look that led him to explain what OCD truly is. I am sure I do not have it, but let me explain.

I have a little cleaning issue, Sunday morning I might turn into the cleaning monster. Now I claim to have Mary Poppins syndrome, practically perfect in every way!!!! Mike disagrees. About 2 Sundays ago we were sitting in the front room enjoying a cup of coffee, and I physically felt rage and anger building up inside me. I might have even got a little bossy!!!! I started breathing heavy and walking faster. The cleaning monster did not leave, nor did the symptoms subside until the whole house was clean. With Mike’s help of course, he has learned that helping me actually helps him. The cleaning monster is not quite as bad when he helps.

Here is my second issue, I like white! White is a symbol of purity, right? I walk into a store and I am drawn to white shirts, now I have white shirts for every occasion, long sleeve, short sleeve, round neck, square neck, button up, sweaters and I might have a couple of duplicates as well!!!! It does not mater what they are made of, I have to have them. I know what most of you are thinking, how can someone who likes white and is pure as the white driven snow turn into the cleaning monster? It is a question I ponder as well!!!!

And last but not least for this entry. This all came about last night! We went to Costco to get a couple of last minute items for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner, I had a list, and I was following it pretty good. Mike is very good at numbers, he was adding up everything I threw in the basket. Rhoades rolls, cheese, you know the last minute must haves! Well I also threw in a 4 lb thing of butter; it was on my list, it must be okay! Right?
We got home and started to unload the groceries; I usually take in one load and get side tracked (conveniently) so Mike finishes the unloading process. Don’t get me wrong, I do not shirk my duties, I am the one who puts the groceries away in the house, unless it goes outside in the freezer. I threw him the bag of Rhoades rolls like a football; I usually try to make a game out of it! It came down to the butter, oh the butter. I threw it to Mike in much the same fashion. He begrudgingly took it out to the freezer. At this point the football game is no longer fun and he turns into the rebellious monster!!!! We can talk about that later.
He comes back in from the garage, and asks “Why do we need 11 lbs. Of butter?” It seems as though it might be a little touch of the OCD thing again, creeping into my life!!!!

With this realization I will sigh off now!

My daughter will be happy to learn I can post on my own.

From our flock to yours, Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008