Friday, October 30, 2009


So much has happened since my last post! We went to Alaska for our 30th anniversary! What a trip. We spent two nights in a lovely B&B in Homer, Bear Creek Winery. It overlooked Katchemak Bay. It is a beautiful place. We fished for salmon and halibut. We then went across to Halibut Cove for two days and hiked. It was a great trip. We truly had a great time. Oh and by the way did I tell you I caught a 130 lb halibut? I would like to take all of the glory but I can't. It takes a lot of muscle to bring up a barn door! Mike was there the whole way to add his muscles when I got tired, which was often. It was a team effort! We are having the tail mounted, of course. The plaque will read "Mike & Sue August 3, 2009"! What a great day to catch halibut! We cooked our anniversary dinner at the B&B, we had a fresh king crab leg, shrimp, rib eyes, corn on the cob and potatoes! I will include a picture of the feast! We caught our limit each time we fished. Alaska is such a great place! We can't wait to go back. We are going to share our love for Alaska with Brad and Crystal in 2010! Leslie and Josh are warmer weathered people, they will head to the beach! I am married to a wonderful man! I think I will spend another 30 years at least with Mike. We have so much in common. He is a great friend and lover!