Thursday, February 4, 2010

I feel so bad! I have not written anything on my blog in quite awhile. It is not that we have not been on any adventures, we have. It is just sitting down at the computer at night when you have been on it all day. Let me give you a little update.
In Nov. the 3 of us went hunting in Sheridan (sorry Dan, we hated to miss the wedding) Mike, Brad and myself. We all got very little deer. My deer was certainly a freak! When I shot it Brad and Mike ran up to it while I unloaded my gun. As I was working my way to the dead deer, Brad ran up to me to tell me I just shot the coolest deer of the whole trip! He had so much excitement in his voice, I could not wait to see exactly what I had shot. When I got up there I started to laugh, Brad kept saying, mom that is awesome as I was laughing. Brad then asked why I was laughing cuz this bad boy was so cool! It was definitely a 6 pt. I will give you that. Oh boy was it a freak! Good eating though. That is my Brad, he loves the freaky animals. What a fun trip.

Thanksgiving was fun, my mom and dad were in town to celebrate it with us. Pauline stole Ron and Verlaine from us though. Are family is so important. We are glad we can spend time with all of them.

Christmas Day was a little different, Brad and Crystal were in ID. I told them not to hurry home, take one more day and enjoy the Hobsen family. Leslie and Josh spent the night, we did not open any presents other than our stockings. We watched one of the new movies we got and then went to Sherlock Holmes! Crystal and Brad came home on Sat. and we celebrated Christmas! What great fun. It is great to see how thoughtful your children grow up to be. We sure enjoy them.

In Jan. I signed Joshua Ogden up for Hunter Education! It is a 7 day course. I cannot tell you how much fun I had. He is such a great kid and eager to learn. Josh did really well on his shooting test and aced his written test. He completed the written test in less than 10 min! Each night we at class we got a 5-10 min break. We went to a different part of the store to look. He is co curious and eager to learn. I must say though, he does have a sense on humor! What a kid. The plan is, we are going to take him pheasant hunting. We are all excited. He can't wait to see the terrain. I am sure proud of you Josh! I do want the girls to know, I will be taking them to the park for a picnic when the weather warms a little.

Friday, October 30, 2009


So much has happened since my last post! We went to Alaska for our 30th anniversary! What a trip. We spent two nights in a lovely B&B in Homer, Bear Creek Winery. It overlooked Katchemak Bay. It is a beautiful place. We fished for salmon and halibut. We then went across to Halibut Cove for two days and hiked. It was a great trip. We truly had a great time. Oh and by the way did I tell you I caught a 130 lb halibut? I would like to take all of the glory but I can't. It takes a lot of muscle to bring up a barn door! Mike was there the whole way to add his muscles when I got tired, which was often. It was a team effort! We are having the tail mounted, of course. The plaque will read "Mike & Sue August 3, 2009"! What a great day to catch halibut! We cooked our anniversary dinner at the B&B, we had a fresh king crab leg, shrimp, rib eyes, corn on the cob and potatoes! I will include a picture of the feast! We caught our limit each time we fished. Alaska is such a great place! We can't wait to go back. We are going to share our love for Alaska with Brad and Crystal in 2010! Leslie and Josh are warmer weathered people, they will head to the beach! I am married to a wonderful man! I think I will spend another 30 years at least with Mike. We have so much in common. He is a great friend and lover!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picture Day!

I am so excited! I was able to get the whole family together for family photos. They turned out really cute, I have added some of the pictures to my blogspot. It was a very fun time. If you have not had a family photo in awhile, it might be time. I did not want family time to slip by and ask the question "why didn't we?" We have a whole disc with pictures on it. I just posted a few.

We are leaving for Alaska in 1 week. It will be great, the weather is a whole lot cooler than here. I love summer but the heat is brutal. We will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary on Aug. 3. We will be in Homer that day at a quaint little bead and breakfast called Bear Cove! It is also a small winery. It sits up in the hill of Homer and overlooks Homer Spit.
we have 3 fishing days planned. Two salmon and one ocean halibut! Great times!

When I look back at the last 30 years, I cannot believe how fast it goes. The day to day seems like such a slow grind but man 30 years in general goes fast. I am glad I have been able to share my life with such a great husband and friend. We have such a terrific family, and wonderful friends. It is fun to watch our kids and the spouses they chose. They are such a great fit in our family, I remember the very first years of marriage and the struggles we faced. Other than being 30 years older, they are facing some of the same struggles. I am glad we are there for them, to provide love and support and good examples of what it means to be faithful to your spouse, honest in your daily life, kind and compassionate.

Hopefully soon you will see some fish pictures!

Love you all

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moab, Again!

We are heading to Moab this weekend for a 5 mile run! It is one of our favorite runs. I have been training and I feel I am ready. Mike on the other hand, no running at all. He will still run me into the ground!
We have got the big 30th wedding anniversay trip planned. We are going to Alaska on Jul 30 for 8 days. We are so excited. We will fish some, hike some and sight see. All of our lodging is at B&B's. I am really looking forward to that. One B&B in Homer is at the Bear Creek Winery. We visited there with my mom and dad. We said next time e go to Alaska we will stay the night. Well Mike made it happen.
I cannot beleive it will be 30 years! I have loved every minute of it! it has been an adventure for sure. It has been a real commitment, but one we were willing to make. Mike has been my lover, best friend and lifesaver. It is strange too look back at the years, I cannot beleive I have not aged a bit ;) I feel sorry for all of my now middle age and older friends and family!
I am excited for spring, I love to work in my yard. It is so beautiful, it is a work in progress.
My lunch is over so back to the grind!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are in Moab this weekend helping the Moab chapter of the NWTF with their banquet. It is Leslie and Josh's 1st anniversary and she is here with us. She love doing the Turkey Banquets and Josh had to work late tonight so she decided to come with us. We hiked to Delicate Arch today. Leslie thought she was going to die. Delicate Arch was beautiful, it was a very nice hike. We then went to Castle Valley winery. Leslie has never been to a winery, I think she had fun. We like the lighter sweeter wines, Mike likes the reds. The temperature here is upper 60's beautiful.
Have a nice day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sad Day

As most of you know by now, our Africa stuff arrived safely in the states. The tanner did not have room to store the horns, he shipped them to Utah, they were received on Jan. 23 in West Valley City. Early Jan. 28 there was a fire in West Valley at an auto body shop. The fire got out of hand and burned three businesses to the ground! Yes you guessed it. All of our stuff gone! Ron's 340 bull elk, gone! My very first deer, gone! I guess horns make nice tinder! What a blow! so far 2009 has not been the best of years! Our Jeep blew an engine, $2,000, Crystal's work did not take out enough taxes so they owed alot of money for that, and then the fire! Some would say at least we have the memories, that is true but it is still very sad. We were so looking for the trophy mounts.