Thursday, February 4, 2010

I feel so bad! I have not written anything on my blog in quite awhile. It is not that we have not been on any adventures, we have. It is just sitting down at the computer at night when you have been on it all day. Let me give you a little update.
In Nov. the 3 of us went hunting in Sheridan (sorry Dan, we hated to miss the wedding) Mike, Brad and myself. We all got very little deer. My deer was certainly a freak! When I shot it Brad and Mike ran up to it while I unloaded my gun. As I was working my way to the dead deer, Brad ran up to me to tell me I just shot the coolest deer of the whole trip! He had so much excitement in his voice, I could not wait to see exactly what I had shot. When I got up there I started to laugh, Brad kept saying, mom that is awesome as I was laughing. Brad then asked why I was laughing cuz this bad boy was so cool! It was definitely a 6 pt. I will give you that. Oh boy was it a freak! Good eating though. That is my Brad, he loves the freaky animals. What a fun trip.

Thanksgiving was fun, my mom and dad were in town to celebrate it with us. Pauline stole Ron and Verlaine from us though. Are family is so important. We are glad we can spend time with all of them.

Christmas Day was a little different, Brad and Crystal were in ID. I told them not to hurry home, take one more day and enjoy the Hobsen family. Leslie and Josh spent the night, we did not open any presents other than our stockings. We watched one of the new movies we got and then went to Sherlock Holmes! Crystal and Brad came home on Sat. and we celebrated Christmas! What great fun. It is great to see how thoughtful your children grow up to be. We sure enjoy them.

In Jan. I signed Joshua Ogden up for Hunter Education! It is a 7 day course. I cannot tell you how much fun I had. He is such a great kid and eager to learn. Josh did really well on his shooting test and aced his written test. He completed the written test in less than 10 min! Each night we at class we got a 5-10 min break. We went to a different part of the store to look. He is co curious and eager to learn. I must say though, he does have a sense on humor! What a kid. The plan is, we are going to take him pheasant hunting. We are all excited. He can't wait to see the terrain. I am sure proud of you Josh! I do want the girls to know, I will be taking them to the park for a picnic when the weather warms a little.